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Relational Fitness

Re-Introduce Yourself!!!

By Angela Willingham
Do you have people in your life that keep you stuck in your past? They can remember clearly and recite all of the things you have ever done wrong. Sometimes I comment to my team about how I would have handled things in the past and they seem to have amnesia. They just don't remember and that is how it should be. The old has passed away. My prayer is for us to learn from our past and not be stuck in it. If you hurt someone apologize. If you see someone that you knew a long time ago and you are a different person now re-introduce yourself. Say hi, I am .......... I don't think we have ever met, because you haven't, it's time to introduce them to the new you.

Express Your Gratitude!

By Angela Willingham


I was talking to a friend the other day and she was sharing how important it is for someone to say thank you and to express their gratitude and appreciation for all that you do.  As I listened to her I thought about all of the relationships that might have been able to be saved if we had gotten a hold of that fact.  When people feel taken advantage what do they do?  When people feel no one cares, what do they do?  When people feel like their contribution does not matter what do they do? 

I thought about myself.  When all you hear is what you did wrong but never what you did right eventually you begin to feel like it is a waste of time.  Over the last few years God has really stressed to me the importance of saying thank you and showing appreciation to those that He has placed around me.  It is amazing the response that a little thank you or I appreciate you or caring enough to give them something (a small gift) that you know they really wanted or needed will do for a relationship.  It is also amazing how the failure to do that will cause that person to wither up, introvert and no longer give to you the very thing you need for the relationship or situation to succeed. 

Being gratful and expressing that gratitude is part of a healthy growing relationship.  Failure to do so will cause the relationship to die if it goes on for to long.  Be sure to say thank you and to express your gratitude for those that God has placed in  your life.  I promise if you look for something to be positive about with that person you will find it, then tell them, because they need to hear it and it will make your relationship stronger and better.  I am a witness!!!



Unconditional Love and Acceptance!

By Angela Willingham
I was reading a devotional that talked about parent and child relationships, but I believe it applies to all relationships. We all want to know that we are loved unconditionally no matter what mistakes we have made. We all want to know that your love for us will not change because of what we tell you. We want to be able to share our hurts and concerns without fear of being judged or rejected. That is the way God loves us. Let's try to love the way God does. We can love and accept the person without approving of bad behavior.

Preparing To Be A Help Meet by Debi Pearl

By Angela Willingham


Today I finished the book Preparing To Be A Help Meet by Debi Pearl.  I highly recommend this book to every married woman and every woman that desires to be married.  It will help you get ready.  It will help  you better understand your role and to be a better helper to the man God has chosen just for you.  Check it out and let me know what  you think.



By Angela Willingham


Last night one of my favorite movies Pretty Woman was on. I had not seen it in a long time so I sat down to watch. Little did I know I would get a message from it. At the end of the movie when it was time for the two main characters to part and to go back to their lives Edward offerred to set Vivian up in an apartment with a car and basically everything she could want. She said "NO!", because ...she realized who she was and what she really wanted. She had been playing the part of a prostitute, but that is not the life she wanted. She wanted more and rather than settle for what he was offerring her she said no. How many times have we settled for something less than what we wanted just to have something? Someone once asked me why is it all or nothing with you Angela? The answer is that I know what I want. I know what God has promised me and I will not settle for less than that. At the end of the story Ms. Vivian did not pressure Edward to give her what she really wanted. She moved forward with her life. It hurt, but she knew what she had to do. If she had settled she would have always lived with good enough. Say "NO!" to anything short of what God has promised you. No more settling.

Pursurer or Pursued!

By Angela Willingham


In Proverbs 18:22 New Living Translation (NLT) the bible says, The man who finds a wife finds a treasure,
    and he receives favor from the Lord.  So here is my question, have we some how reversed the roles?  Have women some how gotten this thing confused and begun to pursue men?  If he is pursued he is no longer the conquerer and you are no longer his prize or treasure.  Is he your prize or treasure?  He did not have to win or woo you.  Then you get frustrated and become insecure when he does not do the things we would expect a man to do.  You are on an emotional rollercoaster of your own making.  Ladies allow him to be the man and find his good thing in you if that is the will of God.  Don't manipulate it or scheme to get it, because you will be disappointed in the end.


Don't Lose You!!!

By Angela Willingham


Yesterday I watched a movie called "The Ugly Truth".  It dealt with relationships between men and women.  The man on the movie was giving relationship advice an letting his co-star know what it would take to get a man.  Despite the fact that she did not agree with everything that he said she began to take the advice and make the changes.  Interestly after doing everything he told her to do and actually getting the cute guy,


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