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Monday, 09 September 2013 06:52

New Beginnings Community Fitness Collaboration Updates!

September 9, 2013  

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New Beginnings Community Fitness Collaboration Updates


New Beginnings 2013- The Year Of The Real Woman-No More Fitness Classes It's A Fitness Experience


New Beginnings on Facebook-
To get the most up to date New Beginnings information like our official facebook page New Beginnings Holistic Fitness Ministries Inc  https://www.facebook.com/pages/New-Beginnings-Holistic-Fitness/152398618104756?ref=hl 
New Beginnings Class Updates-
Have you checked out the new bootcamp sessions with Marcus that have been added to the Tuesday class at Murphy (Marcus and Dru) and the Thursday class at CJ Jorgensen (Marcus and Reyna)?  You will definitely feel the burn!  It is a great cardio toning workout! 
(Bring 2 hand weights (between 2-5lbs) and a mat if you have them, we promise you will love it.)
Monday thru Thursday-Two Locations to choose from Murphy Health Education Center, 3140 W. Buckeye-5:30pm or CJ Jorgensen, 1701 W. Roeser, at 6pm. 
New Beginnings Class schedule: 
Please spread the word about all of our classes.  It is our desire to impact the communities we serve, not as an exercise class but as a fitness experience.
Don't forget Wednesday is Giveaway Wednesday and since you never know what we will be giving away you have to show up to find out.  
Check the schedule and make a date with yourself to show up.  Remember that working out and staying in shape (fit from the inside out) is something you have to do for yourself.  Just like you schedule any other appointment you have to schedule time for yourself to get fit.  
The class variety provides a real body shock, because you don't know what to expect and it is a lot of fun.  All of the classes and instructors are great and high energy.  All we need now is you. 
Remember the goal of New Beginnings Community Fitness is to make fitness fun, affordable and convenient.  Check out the classes and tell your friends we want all of our classes to be a success so we can continue to expand around the valley.  Spread the word to your friends, family and co-workers.  We are always looking for new trainers for the trainer network, so if you know someone with a positive attitude who does not mind giving back to the community please let us know.


 Join one of our fitness class experiences:
New Beginnings Class Schedule:  
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, West Phoenix
5:30pm - 6:30pm
Murphy Health Education Building,
3140 W. Buckeye,
Phoenix, AZ 85009
Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, South Phoenix
6:00pm - 7pm
CJ Jorgensen Elementary School Cafeteria
1701 W. Roeser
Phoenix, AZ 85041

Cost of all classes $3 or whatever you have.  Monthly passes available for $30 (pass can only be used at the location that it is purchased at.)



Spiritual, Emotional and Relational Fitness:
Note:  Need a little extra encouragement from your sisters that have been there?  Watch for the New Beginnings Real Woman's Life Group starting in September.  It will encourage, support and strengthen you as we work together via conference call as real women, helping real women with real issues. 
Spiritual, Relational and Emotional Fitness-
Who is God speaking to on your behalf?  Who has He been talking to about blessing you?  Pastor Ron Carpenter has been preaching from the book of Ruth.  He shared how God was speaking to Boaz about blessing Ruth long before he ever met her.  I was thinking about this and realized that He has shown me favor with those I do not know also.  I told you I went to Dallas to Megafest.  What I did not tell you was that I went with a friend I met on Facebook.  She got the tickets before we ever met.  Two months before the conference she invited me to join her.  We had never met in person, but had connected on FB.  Neither of us can remember when or how we met, but we know that we have forged a great sisterhood.  To all who do not know me let me be real.  This is not something I would have ever done, my local girls not going.  My running buddies are not all locked in for the adventure?  But if I had not stepped out in faith and accepted her invitation I would have missed out.  I believe that step of faith is part of my destiny.  I have no idea where God is taking me or with whom.  She said "Angela, I have the tickets, a motel room and a rental car, all you need is your plane ticket  to Dallas.  I said I will get someone to pick me up at the airport, so she would not have to miss anything.  Her response was "nobody is picking you up but me."  Tell me that God was not speaking to someone on my behalf.  I needed that trip.  I was ministered to in every session I attended, prepared and equipped to continue towards the destiny God had purposed for me.  I don't know who else He is talking to on my behalf, but through wisdom and discernment, I hope and pray I will not miss anything He has for me.  Keep your eyes open so that you will not miss what He has for you.  Thank you Sandra McKinley. 
Did you know that it takes more than exercise to be trully fit?  Well it does.  To be trully fit you have to know who you are and what makes you do what you do.  We encourage you to visit our website www.mynewtemple.org to check out our weekly articles and podcasts dealing with spiritual, emotional and relational fitness.  We have all been through some things and this is our opportunity to help each other to be healed and whole. 

Many of us think that life is supposed to be a simple little happy go lucky time, but the truth is there are challenges.  If we begin to view them not from the negative but to try to determine what we are supposed to learn from each challenge we will find ourselves growing, maturing and becoming better women. 


If you need prayer e-mail me by simply replying to this update.
Hugs and Fitness
In This Issue
New Beginnings Community Fitness Collaboration Updates
Spiritual, Emotional and Relational Fitness
New Beginnings Family News-
 Happy Birthday to all of our NB Family members that were born in September!!!!
Happy Belated Birthday, Yasmin Somoza Duran!!!


Welcome to all of our new NB family members.  We hope you had a great fitness experience we look forward to seeing you again this week.  Remember to stretch and be consistent in your work outs.  If  you are trying to lose weight you have to watch what you are eating working out is not enough.  
Special Message to the Murphy Family-
This is a very special time to be part of the Murphy School District Family.  The Health Education Center is blowing up with new resources and opportunities for those who live in that community.  We encourage you to stop by the center during their normal business hours and speak to the Murphy Community Liaison Representatives, Esther Lucero and Lupe Gonzales, 7:30am - 4pm.  They are waiting to serve you and help you with resources that are available to the community.  
Upcoming Events/News and Information-
(If  you know of events that we might be able to participate in please let us know.  We love being out in the community and we love collaborating.)
Health News- 
Healthy Recipe: 
Egg Muffins!!! These are a healthy all-time favorite & EASY meal-preps. (A friend of mine tried it with egg beaters.)
Spray a muffin/cupcake pan w/ non-stick spray.


Fill with ANYthing you want: ham & bro...ccoli, chicken & carrots, spinach w/ feta & tomatoes, steak & bell peppers....whatever you have in the fridge. (Note: add all veggies RAW - they will cook to perfection during the baking process)
Mix approx 1 egg per/muffin in a blender w/ a splash of milk. Pour directly into each cup just below the rim.
Top with shredded or sliced cheeses of your choice.
Bake at 425 degrees for approx 20 min.
Let cool before removing from pan

These can be stored in your fridge for up to 3-4 days! Simply warm in the microwave for a quick breakfast on-the-go!


Let us know what you think.  I am trying it this week with turkey sausage crumbles, mushrooms and bell pepper.  You can bet I am going to let you know.

Weight Loss Tip 1-Practice Portion Control.  Huge portions are a major reason that half of all Americans are overweight.  We have become a nation of supersizers.  In the old days sugary soft drinks came in 6 ounce servings.  Now it's not uncommon  to see people slurping a 32 ounce drink.  That's an extra 500 calories.  A serving of meat should fit in the palm of your hand.  Nobody should eat a whole steak, bag of chips or a pint of ice cream in one sitting.  This week try watching your portions.
Don't forget to send your weight loss success tips to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
Please do not assume that because you are skinny, you got this, you really could be at risk for some of the same diseases that we assume only affect those that are over weight.  Watch what you are eating and get the exercise you need.  Keep your stress down and stay positive.

Don't forget-

It is not enough to just go to an exercise class so we have created a fitness experience.  I encourage you to like the New Beginnings Holistic Fitness Ministry page on facebook.     



New Beginnings Fitness Mindset Changes-
  • Remember it is not about being skinny, it's about being healthy. 
  • As a ministry our focus has never been on fighting fat or fighting obesity.  We have always believed that if you can make fitness fun, fat and obesity will take care of themselves.  In discussion with a friend that is building her fitness business she confirmed this as her belief as well.  We encourage you to find something you like to do and then get started doing it.  Take the negative out of getting fit-make it fun!!!!!


Our Coffee Fundraiser-
If you are a coffee drinker we encourage you to try out the Ogano Gold Coffee we sell to support the ministry.  You can see the products we have to offer by visiting our website at www.mynewtemple.organogold.com If you would like to sample one of the coffees see Beatrice Estrada or Angela Willingham.  If you would like for someone to give you a call please reply to this e-mail.
Donations to New Beginnings Holistic Fitness-
New Beginnings Holistic Fitness Ministries, Inc. aka New Beginnings Community Fitness is a 501(c)3 Non-profit.  If you believe in what we are doing and would like to make financial or other donations to support us please talk to me about the opportunities.  Financial donations can be made via our website www.mynewtemple.org by mail at 4920 W. Baseline Road C105, PMB 224, Laveen, AZ 85339 or in any of our classes.  If your company or some business you know about would be interested in supporting what we do, please let me know and I will provide you with a copy of the letter for them.  Presently, we are in need of additional boxing gloves, would like to purchase mats for all of the locations and additional hand weights for our participants to use.  These funds would also be used for the communities we serve, our annual backpack drive, Thanksgiving and Christmas Giveaways, NB Scholarships for students and to support families that might be in need of additional support.
Thank you:  
Thanks to all of you for your support and Thank God for His direction, guidance and provision. There is definitely a testimony behind this.  Please keep us in prayer as we continue to move forward.   
Ms. Lenora Jenkins and  The Murphy School District Team 
Ms. Joyce Luckie and the CJ Jorgensen Elementary School Team. 
As always Special Thanks to The Fitness Angel for the encouragement, mentoring and continued support.  You taught me alot and I will be forever grateful!

The Benefits of Murphy School District-   
Every 3rd Wednesday of the month.  Murphy School District in Collaboration with Saint Mary's Foodbank Pantry has  a food distribution.
7am to 9am
Murphy Kids Dental Clinic
MOM Mobile Medical Unit
Murphy Health Education Building 
3140 W. Buckeye
Phoenix, AZ 85009

Come out and take advantage of this opportunity and spread the word, so others can also be blessed. 
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