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Weekly Messages

Even When It Hurts!

By Angela Willingham


The process of getting from one place to the next might sometimes take longer than we expected.  It might appear to be more difficult than necessary.  The truth is that if it was up to us we would cheat, cut out some parts and arrive at a destination a lot quicker and with a few less scraps, scars and bruises, but the question would have to be asked, was the process  complete.

I was sharing with a friend something that I had been praying about the other day.  I told her I was praying for God to do a quick work.  She counselled me to pray that His work be complete.  That it accomplish exactly what He intended for it to accomplish, because we do not want any do overs.  I had to take that into consideration as I was praying because she was right.  I don't want any do overs in my life or in the lives of anyone else.  I took some shortcuts in the past and that is exactly what they resulted in, an incomplete and unfinished work.  In Hebrews 4:12-13 (The Message-MSG), the bible says, 12-13 God means what he says. What he says goes. His powerful Word is sharp as a surgeon’s scalpel, cutting through everything, whether doubt or defense, laying us open to listen and obey. Nothing and no one is impervious to God’s Word. We can’t get away from it—no matter what.  The word will do the work.

It's easy to look at our situations and try to figure out what part is somebody else's fault, how they did us wrong, but how about changing our view and recognizing that maybe, just maybe God has a plan in all of it.  Maybe the hurt and disappointment is all part of His plan to draw us back to Himself so that He can get the glory.  Maybe we have been asking the wrong question and instead of saying Why is this happening we should be saying what do you want me to learn from this?  How is what is happening here supposed to impact and change my life for the better?  Yes, it hurts!!! No I don't like it!!!  But since I know you are the master of all things.  Since I know it could only happen because you allowed it, I will change my thought process and no longer play the blame game.  No longer being the victim in my own made for TV personal drama and move through it in your power asking for your view of the situation. 

In the process of healing any hurt or wound some pain must be experienced.  In the process of becoming stronger in any area of our lives there is a process and there may be some pain.  If you have ever been to an exercise or fitness class you have heard the saying "no pain, no gain".  It is the same with life.  If we refuse to walk through the painful moments, avoiding them and doing it our way, we will not grow.  I saw a poster and it said, "don't just go through life, grow through life!"  What does that mean?  We have to stop trying to have it our way and just deal with what feels good.  Life does not always feel good.  The things we go through to help us grow into mature, responsible adults are not always pain free or fun.  Some of those experiences cost us something.  They cost us relationships, attitudes and they cause us to have to change.

If we desire to be the people God wants us to be it may be painful.  We may have to deal with some of the issues of our pasts, but if we will allow it, we will be the better for it.  God has an awesome plan for each of us and if we want to walk it out we will have to deal with some of the hard issues.  We will have to deal with some of the old stuff that we would rather leave untouched.  We will have to stop carrying old baggage along with us and believing that whatever we do is okay and people just need to deal with it and with us.  We will recognize that the world does not and should not revolve around us, because the truth is that none of us is that important.  Nobody likes pain, but if you want to be the best you that you can be you will have go through the process and the process might just require you to go through something. 



Don't Despise The Process!!!

By Angela Willingham


My personal process has seemed like a long one.  It has seemed to take years upon years.  Sometimes I have found myself in a place of not being sure that I was on track for the promises I believed that God had made me.  Sometimes I did not feel as though I was up for the challenge.  Sometimes I thought I must have been wrong in my belief.  Every time I would seek God no matter how difficult my situation He would assure me that I needed to keep it movin.  I needed to stay the course.  He would send people into my path to help me even if it was for a short time to take the next step into destiny.  I made some mistakes along the way.  I messed and I mean messed some stuff up, but God has been gracious and allowed me the one more chance the one more opportunity to get it right.  I have begun to understand the process.  I can actually see that what the enemy intended for evil God was working behind the scenes to make it all good.  He has changed my thinking and allowed me to see some of my mistakes.  He has allowed me to turn the corner and given me a new boldness to deal with situations that I would have talked about and avoided, which I now understand helps no one.  He has taught me to walk it out even if I have to walk it out while afraid, because I know that fear is not from Him.  The process if we will allow ourselves to go through it will grow us up and put some things in order that we may not have even realized were out of order.

I read this devotional yesterday and wanted to share it. Things may not be exactly the way that you think that they should be. Maybe there are some promises that God has made to you and you have not seen them yet. Don't worry and don't fret just keep doing whatever God has told you to do. This is a process and you do not want anything before it's time!!!! Remember the half baked cake-it looks good on the outside but is not done on the inside? In the end it is nasty because you did not allow it to finish cooking!!!!! Let God finish his perfect work in you and the lives of those around you and know it is all good/God!!!!

Beloved, don't despise the process. There are still things I want to bring forth from your life that have not yet matured. Discern and refuse the temptation to be intolerant or impatient. This progression will take time to develop, so settle that factor as part of your pattern of advancement. Don't be in a hurry; savor the moments that bring revelation and spiritual growth, says the Lord. Your harvest is undeniable.

Mark 4:26-29 And He said, "The kingdom of God is as if a man should scatter seed on the ground, and should sleep by night and rise by day, and the seed should sprout and grow, he himself does not know how. For the earth yields crops by itself: first the blade, then the head, after that the full grain in the head. But when the grain ripens, immediately he puts in the sickle, because the harvest has come."
Are you up for a challenge? 
We have two fitness challenges going on:
  •  60 Day Personal Weight Loss Challenge.  This challenge officially started on Tuesday, May 28th, but because it is a personal challenge you can start at any time.  Set your fitness and weight loss goals and get going.  Angela has set a goal of 30 lbs with a minimum of 5 workout days per week.  
  • Walk 100 Miles in June 2013.  (Angela saw this on myfitnesspal.) The goal is to walk, run, hike, bike, dance 100 miles in the month of June.  You can do anything that does not use motorized transportation.  One of our participants is doing her 100 miles using the treadmills, stair stepper and exercise bikes at her local gym, while watching movies.  They call it cardio cinema.  Be creative.  We can do this. 
It is not to late to get started.  Reply to this e-mail to let us know you are interested in participating and we will add you to the list.  Each week you e-mail your stats letting us know who  you are doing in reaching your goals and how many miles you went.  We want to see how many miles we can do as a New Beginnings team.
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