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The Real Woman-A Poem By Queen E. Lacey

She is strong in some areas, and in some areas she is weak

She is a master in covering her flaws, so to the world she looks totally complete
The real woman has issues and has to deal with consequences resulting from choices she makes

But don’t get it twisted, no matter how well she applies her make-up, please don’t call her fake

Don’t make your selection based on her mental status or her membership to a prestige ivy league

Neither is her realness determined by her race, age or creed

She cannot be boxed in a certain financial status or by the color of her skin

Realness has nothing to do with what you see on the outside, realness comes from within

Don’t make your selection based off a glamour shot you’ve seen, they enhance those, that’s a fact

True realness comes from ones character, you can’t airbrush that

Don’t box her in by her stature or a certain body frame

Don’t even box her in by certain culture driven birth given names

She could be the woman next door or the one down the street

It could be any woman you meet

I’m simply trying to get you to see

The real woman is you, the real woman is me

Thank you Queen.

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